One sigil for the system, surrounded by one for each of us.

We are a plural system. Five personalities, one body.

  • I’m our Analyst, I model the social world, make forward predictions. I make us look normal to the outside world. Therefore I am a data/research/information junkie.
  • Our Navigator, she is our naturalist. Forager, wanderer, she is into biodiversity, ecology, spirituality. (Non-verbal)
  • Our Engineer, well she’s a natural hacker. Non-verbal, but she programs, fixes engines, builds stuff, extremely resourceful. (Non-verbal)
  • Dark, well, she’s just beautiful. Zero filters. No concept of social/moral understanding. She is neither good/bad, as she sees none of that. She has total control of physical prowess, and is formidable. (We kept her locked up for a long time on a misunderstanding)
  • Our Artist, well she is the one that sees things. I can close my eyes, imagine stuff, and see nothing. She has all the pictures. She creates often the stuff we could never articulate in words.